At the End of Your Leash™ Services

At the End of Your Leash™ provides a large array of services including assisting you with selecting the right companion for your family, all levels of obedience and behavior solutions, as well as lifetime maintenance and emergency services.

Our Services

Your trainers here, At the End of Your Leash™ are committed to helping you build a rewarding and balanced relationship with your canine companion. We are here to guide you from the beginning of your companion’s journey, as well as support and guide you through the most important decisions towards the end.

  • Breed Selection & Guidance
  • Puppy Management & Guidance
  • Behavior Solutions Consultation
  • Problem Solving & Home Manners
  • On-Leash Obedience
  • Off-Leash Obedience
  • Advanced Obedience
  • Canine Good Citizen Training & Testing
  • Therapy/Service Dog Training
  • Obedience Maintenance & Dog Walking
  • Long & Short Term Pet Care
  • Private In-Home Training
  • Group Maintenance Lessons
  • Canine Massage Therapy
  • Saying Good-Bye...
  • We are also available for Career Day & Obedience Demonstrations.

About our Training

At the End of Your Leash™ offers several training programs and services that are sure to meet your individual needs. We understand that every dog is unique, which makes our personalized private training perfect for meeting and exceeding the goals of you and your dog. Our training methods capitalize on the natural drives, desires, and intelligence of your dog.

All of our training programs begin in the privacy of your home, where you and your dog will feel most comfortable. With private in-home training, we can offer our undivided attention and one-on-one customized training. This allows you to receive personalized instruction so that you are able to effectively work with your dog. Private in-home training also allows us to address household behavior concerns, problem solving, and management techniques to improve life with your family companion. Our private lessons can be arranged to suit your schedule, at your convenience. This will save you the time and stress of traveling to and from obedience classes. Due to all of our training beginning in your home, your dog will develop better focus, and an improved attention span before joining our group maintenance lessons. This additional benefit will help you gain control in real life situations outside the home, as well as teach your dog proper socialization.

All of our training lessons will require your participation, and last approximately 1-3 hours each session. This means that our programs are not just for your dog, but also an excellent way for us to teach you how to understand, work with, and completely train your faithful companion.

Our private training sessions are designed to work at a pace that is comfortable for you and your dog, guaranteeing success from your first step! You will also receive written materials detailing the topics covered in your sessions. Your part in the training will be to practice on a daily basis. Practice not only makes perfect, but permanent!